Healing with Hawa

“These tools are so invaluable for me when giving healings, and also in my daily life.  

I feel held, less reactive and more protected, while at the same time open hearted.”

~ Shams ~

-Spiritual Healer and Montessori Teacher

Healing Grief and Other Emotions

Have you ever had someone apologize to you, but you still didn’t feel better?

I have.

Why is it that when someone apologizes to you the hurt doesn’t go away?

There are many layers of emotional reactions and responses that we need to move through to release the energy of a hurtful interaction.

The person who hurt you may not even know what it brought up for you and how it made you feel beyond the knowledge that they made a mistake.  But how that mistake affected you is your job to clean up after an apology has been delivered.

Here are a few leading questions that may guide you through the layers of hurt.

Do you feel angry because of what happened?

Do you feel sad or disappointed?

Just because someone says, “I’m sorry”, as important as it is to apologize and acknowledge they hurt you, it doesn’t make the emotional energy instantly disappear.  As a result of the interaction, taking inventory about how it made you feel is key.


We have to acknowledge the hurt.


Emotional health includes 3 steps.

Moving through emotions can be done easily with a specific spiritual healing formula for releasing emotions.

One step in the formula is naming the emotion you are feeling.  Naming the emotion helps to dissipate the energy, validating you and your experience, and gives you healthy power and control over your emotional well being.

Once you have named the emotion, you might already feel better, because you are validating your emotional experience.  This is emotional health.


3 Steps of Emotional Health Include:

1.Naming the Emotion

2.Asking God for help in that place

3.Releasing the emotion purposefully

Would you like to learn how to go through those steps, and feel the support of an expert hand guiding you?

The Grief Ceremony Process teaches emotional regulation, in a beautiful kinesthetic experience that makes the process easy, doable, and gentle.

Join us for the

Grief Ceremony

Thursday November 3

at 7pm-8pm ET / 4pm-5pm PT

Live on Zoom

The Grief Ceremony teaches people active grieving, how to be polite with the full emotional spectrum, and how to seek the light in dark times.

I hope you benefit.

Upcoming Events Live on Zoom

Grief Ceremony

Active grieving is a relief for people who are in shock after the loss of a loved one.  With time learn how to travel through the emotional layers behind grief to come to peace.


Grief Ceremony Schedule:

7pm-8pm EST / 4pm-5pm PST

November 3, 2022

February 9, 2023

April 13, 2023

June 15, 2023

August 17, 2023

October 19, 2023


Learn how to become a Grief Ceremony Facilitator.  When you learn the 8 module form of the Grief Ceremony you can facilitate deep healing for people walking through grief and the full spectrum of emotions.

Grief Ceremony Facilitator Training December 2022:

December 3, 4, 10, & 11 2022

3pm-5pm EST / 12pm-2pm PST

Finding Your Beloved

We discover love deep within us beneath all the hurt and pain.

We allow the hurt and pain to surface to release, so we can receive the life lesson.

The life lesson always relates to 3 main teachings in relationships: 

love, boundaries, and respect.

We practice respect towards ourselves by listening with a compassionate heart to ourselves.

We learn how to listen with a compassionate heart to our loved ones so they feel respected.

Love, honor, and respect are values we want to cultivate in relationship with ourselves and our fellow human beings.

To learn more about preparing your heart for love, join me for Find Your Beloved, a workshop to open your heart to a deeper, more satisfying love.

Live on Zoom November 25, 26, & 27, 2022 4pm-5:30pm EST


Energetics for Therapists

Energetics for Therapists guides mental health therapists, teachers, and body workers to a meditative state of spiritual protection.  Once you have achieved this state of spiritual protection with daily practice you can guide your clients, students, and recipients of your services to this level of spiritual health.

The next low cost Energetics for Therapists class is 


Thursday December 8 

at 7pm-8pm ET live on Zoom.


Please check out the 5 video series to prepare yourself 

for the 10 week workshop 

Saturdays February 11-April 15

12:30pm-2pm ET

Live on Zoom

Finding Forgiveness

Finding Forgiveness is a low cost group spiritual healing event that will be offered once a month in 2023 starting Thursday January 5 live on Zoom.

Should you prefer a private session for a chance to speak, be heard, and clarify your intentions, private sessions are available by appointment only.

Hawa Robin Cahn is a movement healing expert holding a Master’s Degree in Divinity from the University of Sufism. She is certified in Pilates, Yoga, and Craniosacral Therapy. Spiritual Counseling sessions open the heart, soul, and secret for you to receive Divine Messages within yourself. Healing is defined as becoming more aware of how God is moving you on currents of Light and Love.