Private Healing Sessions

Private Healing

Private Healing sessions give you a chance to speak what is on your mind and heart. Hawa listens deeply and holds your heart in love and prayer as you speak. When you hear yourself talk you have an opportunity to reflect on your words, figure out what is truly the root cause of your issues, and open to resolution that comes from God as a result of sincere prayer.
As a result you will feel peace in your heart, learn systems for healing that you can repeat on your own, and elevate your spiritual consciousness.

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Spiritual Business Coaching

Spiritual Business Coaching is deeply inspirational. The spark of a new idea that has the Divine Wind behind it filling your spiritual sails is super exciting. When you approach God and ask to know Divine Abundance the results are mind blowing as God gives you clear direction for your business. The creative ideas that are revealed are both the medicine for humanity at this time, and projects that will truly make you happy. Serve God and humanity with love.

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Shaytanic Harm Healing

Does your heart feel heavy as if you are being haunted or attacked by negative energies? Spiritual Harm is a real thing. Exorcisms are real. Hawa Robin Cahn is trained in Shaytanic Harm Healing to guide you to clear the evil forces that create discomfort and havoc in your life. Be free to worship God happily without interruption from negative energies, as well as clear your family line from the forces that seek to harm you and your family. Due to the serious nature of this healing it must be given in person; outside is acceptable to observe Covid precautions and protocols.

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Ayat Healing - 7 Days - 30 Min. Each Day

The Ayat Healing is a deep and transformational healing. Blocks in our spiritual path are normal, yet frustrating. Are you ready to clear the path consciously? Clear veils that prevent you from experiencing God’s Love. Understand your Divine Essence. Be free from the weights of false beliefs that keep you from knowing the Truth.

Commitment for 7 consecutive days is required. Holy healing words will be written with edible ink on cotton paper and steeped in hot water to create a healing tea. This tea must be consumed slowly 3-4 ounces at a time for 7 straight days. Please keep the tea refrigerated. The remaining tea will be used as a sponge bath you apply to yourself at the end of the week.
Hawa will recite the holy healing words over you for 7 days. Time commitment is 30 minutes for 7 consecutive days. May be done in person and remotely. If you are remote, the holy healing water will be mailed to you at an additional charge.

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Couples Counseling

Would you like freedom from conflict?
Would you like to have the tools to move through conflict as needed?
Learn how to see God in the heart of your loved one.
Both people in the relationship must be present and agreeable.

Relationships are not easy. They often bring up unresolved memories from the past that are triggered. We believe our partner is the source of our pain, but more often than not, we are feeling the discomfort of an exposed nerve, an unresolved wound from the past. As we learn how to flip triggers quickly and easily, we understand our relationship with our partner is truly a relationship with God. Seeing God’s light in your partner’s heart is a very holy practice that opens the doors for mercy and compassion in action in relationship. Both parties must be present and in consent to participate in healing sessions.

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Ancestry Healing

Free yourself from false beliefs of your family line, including patterns of abuse, addiction, and disbelief. During an ancestry healing you will clear your family line, return your witnessing to God’s Love, Mercy, and Compassion. Rewrite your story with love, respect, and care. When we truly honor our parents prayerfully we receive deep blessings from God.

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