Find Your Beloved

Who are you in relationship?

Do you want to open your heart to love?

Would you like to be willing to love yourself all the way through to the Oneness?

Find Your Beloved

Live on Zoom

November 25, 26, & 27, 2022

4pm-5:30pm EST

Understanding God wants you to be happy teaches us

how to learn to ask for help in the right places

developing hope in your heart that there is a loving partner for you.

Join us for 3 - 90 minute group classes

over Thanksgiving weekend

Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

4pm-5:30pm EST

You are loved.

Looking outside of yourself for love is no longer working.

Turn your gaze inwards to the true Beloved, God, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

When you find the love within, your partner in life will shortly follow.

You are safe.

Establish safety within.  How you respond to stress is amplified in relationship.  

Learn meditations to cool your heart, accessing a deeper love.

Be in full self responsibility of your nervous system, your history, and your health.

You are loving.

Ask Allah for what you want.

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala knows what you need, but in life the more clear and specific we are in our prayers, the faster we receive what we need from God.

Describe in detail what you want in a life partner.  Keep your heart open to receive directly from God.

Be Love.

Let the warmth of your heart shine. 

When you know you are ready to be in relationship it is because God has put this prayer in your heart.  Have faith your life partner is looking for you too. 

Illuminate your heart with love, daily prayer, and trust that God wants you to be happy.  Are you ready to formally ask to find your beloved?

Love is waiting for you.

Find Your Beloved

Please register with more than 24 hours in order to receive the Zoom Links.

No refunds. 

No cancellations.

(Space is limited to 10 people.)

May Every Door of Love Open for You

Center Yourself in Love

Strengthen Yourself in Love

Be the Love 

Be the Mercy

Be the Truth

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