Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a Practice.

Practicing forgiveness is a daily spiritual practice.  As we create a groove in our hearts for mercy, compassion, and love we understand how to be forgiving of our humanity and remember our Divinity.  Humans are designed to make mistakes; this is how we learn.  Through the doorways of forgiveness are many blessings including life lessons, new directions, and understanding.

Sunday August 27, 2023
7pm-8pm ET on Zoom

Prayers for Pain Relief

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How can I experience pain relief through prayer?

All healing comes from God.  When we explicitly ask for healing for a certain ailment, issue or disease, God sends us a map.  This healing map includes next steps in our treatment plan. 

Spiritual medicine and physical medicine complement each other.

Natural medicine through food and lifestyle nourishes us so we can be strong enough to heal.  Dedication to rest and recovery time allows us to replenish our energy.  Meditation and prayer open our hearts to receive the healing energy directly from God.

All of these ingredients are essential for healing.

Sunday September 17, 2023
7pm-8pm ET on Zoom

Grief Ceremony

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Would you like an opportunity to honor grief?

Grief can feel so heavy.  Lighten your heart and come to peace as you honor grief, loved ones passed, and transitions in your life.  Embrace understanding and a deeper awareness of God, love, and acceptance.  Find purpose and meaning with which to move forward.

Sunday October 22, 2023
7pm-8pm ET on Zoom

Energetics for Therapists


Would you like to learn how to prevent burnout as a Therapist?

Meditation is an amazing way to refresh your energy as a therapist after a session, but did you know there are specific meditations and visualizations that can protect your energy when done before a session?  Learn energetic techniques for spiritual protection as a mental health therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, spiritual healer, Pilates instructor and Yoga Teacher.

2023 dates coming soon...
5 video series available now

Share Your Gifts


Are you ready to Share Your Gifts?

Are you a spiritual teacher, healer, or therapist?  Would you like to learn spiritual secrets for gaining clarity about your business?  Connect with the people who are ready to receive your services.  Establish and amplify your private practice.  

Understand your calling from the Divine in this three hour workshop.  Inspire people doing what you love and make a living doing it.

Coming soon...
3 Hours of Spiritual Business Planning

Group Healing

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