Fatiha the Opener

In the Name of God, 

the Universally Merciful, the Singularly Compassionate 

Praise be to God, Lord of all the Worlds –

the Universally Merciful, the Singularly Compassionate – 

Master of Judgment Day.

You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help.

Guide us to the straight way.

The path of those you have blessed, not the path of those on whom is Your anger, nor those who are astray.

Istikhara Prayer (Guidance Prayer)

Dear God, I’m asking You for goodness through Your [Infinite] Knowledge, and I’m asking You for strength through Your Divine Ability, and I’m asking You from Your Infinite Grace. Because You’re completely able to do, while I simply cannot. You know everything, and I do not, and You know everything that’s unseen. Dear God, if You know that this decision [mention decision here] is good for me in terms of my religiosity, my worldly life, and afterlife, then decree it, facilitate it for me with ease, and bless me through it. But if You know that this has bad consequences on my religiosity, my worldly life, and afterlife, then get it away from me and get me away from it, and [instead of that] decree what’s better for me, whatever it may be, and make me content with it.

The Beautiful Names of God

1.  Ya Allah ar-Rahman:  Oh God You are the Compassionate

2.  Ya Allah ar-Rahim:  Oh God You are the Merciful

3.  Ya Allah al-Malik:  Oh God You are the Sovereign King

4.  Ya Allah al-Quddus:  Oh God You are the Source of Holiness

5.  Ya Allah as-Salaam:  Oh God You are the Source of Peace

6.  Ya Allah al-Mu’min:  The Inspirer of Faith

7.  Ya Allah al-Muhaymin:  The Protector

8.  Ya Allah al-Aziz:  Oh God You are the Source of Strength

9.  Ya Allah al-Jabbar:  Oh Allah You are the Comforter

10.  Ya Allah al-Mutakabbir:  Oh God You are the Source of Majesty

11.  Ya Allah al-Khaliq:  Oh God You are the Creator

12.  Ya Allah al-Bari:  Oh God You are the Maker

13.  Ya Allah al-Musawwir:  Oh God You are the Shaper

14.  Ya Allah al-Ghaffar:  Oh God You are the Forgiver

15.  Ya Allah al-Qahhar:  Oh God You are the Subduer

16.  Ya Allah al-Wahhab:  Oh God You are the Bestower

17.  Ya Allah ar-Razzaq:  Oh God You are the Provider

18.  Ya Allah al-Fattah:  Oh God You are the Opener

19.  Ya Allah al-Alim:  Oh God You are the Knower

20.  Ya Allah al-Qabid:  Oh God You are the Constrictor

21.  Ya Allah al-Basit:  Oh God You are the Expander

22.  Ya Allah al-Khafid:  Oh God You are the Abaser

23.  Ya Allah ar-Rafi:  Oh God You are the Exalter

24.  Ya Allah al-Mu’izz:  Oh God You are the One Who Honors

25.  Ya Allah al-Mudhill:  Oh God You are the One Who Humiliates 

26.  Ya Allah as-Sami: Oh God You are the One Who Hears

27.  Ya Allah al-Basir:  Oh God You are the One Who Sees

28.  Ya Allah al-Hakam:  Oh God You are the Judge

29.  Ya Allah al-Adl:  Oh God You are the Just

30. Ya Allah al-Latif:  Oh God You are the Subtle

31. Ya Allah al-Khabir:  Oh God You are the All-Aware

32.  Ya Allah al-Halim:  Oh God You are the Forbearing

33.  Ya Allah al-Adhim: Oh God You are the Great

34.  Ya Allah al-Ghafur:  Oh God You are the Forgiving

35.  Ya Allah ash-Shakur:  Oh God You are the Rewarder of Thankfulness

36.  Ya Allah al-Ali:  Oh God You are the Highest

37. Ya Allah al-Kabir: Oh God You are the Greatest

38. Ya Allah al-Hafidh:  Oh God You are the Preserver

39. Ya Allah al-Muqit: Oh God You are the Nourisher

40. Ya Allah al-Hasib: Oh God You are the Accounter

41. Ya Allah al-Jalil:  Oh God You are the Mighty

42. Ya Allah al-Karim:  Oh God You are the Generous

43. Ya Allah ar-Raqib: Oh God You are the Watchful

44. Ya Allah al-Mujib: Oh God You are the One Who Answers Prayers

45. Ya Allah al-Wasi: Oh God You are the All Embracing

46. Ya Allah al-Hakim: Oh God You are the Wise

47. Ya Allah al-Wadud: Oh God You are the Most Loving

48. Ya Allah al-Majeed: Oh God You are the Majestic

49. Ya Allah al-Ba’ith: Oh God You are the Resurrector

50. Ya Allah ash-Shahid: Oh God You are the Witness

51. Ya Allah al-Haqq: Oh God You are the Truth

52. Ya Allah al-Wakil: Oh God You are the Trustee

53. Ya Allah al-Qawiyy: Oh God You are the Possessor of All Strength

54. Ya Allah al-Matin: Oh God You are the One Who is Strong

55. Ya Allah al-Waliyy: Oh God You are the Govenor

56. Ya Allah al-Hamid: Oh God You are the Praised One

57. Ya Allah al-Muhsi: Oh God You are the Appraiser

58. Ya Allah al-Mubdi: Oh God You are the Originator

59. Ya Allah al-Mu’id: Oh God You are the Restorer

60. Ya Allah al-Muhyi: Oh God You are the Giver of Life

61. Ya Allah al-Mumit: Oh God You are the Source of Death

62. Ya Allah al-Hayy: Oh God You are the Alive

63. Ya Allah al-Qayyum: Oh God You are the Self Subsisting 

64. Ya Allah al-Wajid: Oh God You are the Finder

65. Ya Allah al-Majid: Oh God You are the Glorious

66. Ya Allah al-Wahid: Oh God You are the Unique

67. Ya Allah al-Ahad: Oh God You are the One

68. Ya Allah as-Samad: Oh God You are the One Who meets needs

69. Ya Allah al-Qadir: Oh God You are the One Who determines Destiny

70. Ya Allah al-Muqtadir: Oh God You are the Source of Power

71. Ya Allah al-Muqaddim: Oh God You are the Expediter

72. Ya Allah al-Mu’akhkhir: Oh God You are the Delayer

73. Ya Allah al-Awwal: Oh God You are the First

74. Ya Allah al-Akhir: Oh God You are the Last

75. Ya Allah adh-Dhahir: Oh God You are the Manifest

76. Ya Allah al-Batin: Oh God You are the Hidden

77. Ya Allah al-Wali: Oh God You are the Protecting Friend

78. Ya Allah al-Muta’ali: Oh God You are the Supreme

79. Ya Allah al-Barr: Oh God You are the Doer of Good

80. Ya Allah at-Tawwab: Oh God You are the One Who turns hearts to Forgiveness

81. Ya Allah al-Muntaqim: Oh God You are the Avenger

82. Ya Allah al-Afu: Oh God You are the One Who Wipes Slates Clean with Forgiveness

83. Ya Allah ar-Ra’uf: Oh God You are the Source of Kindness

84. Ya Allah Malik al-Mulk: Oh God You are the Owner of All

85. Ya Allah Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al Ikram: Oh God You are the Lord of Majesty and Bounty

86. Ya Allah al-Muqsit: Oh God You are the Equitable

87. Ya Allah al-Jami: Oh God You are the Gatherer

88. Ya Allah al-Ghani: Oh God You are the Rich One

89. Ya Allah al Mughni: Oh God You are the Enricher

90. Ya Allah al-Mani: Oh God You are the Preventer of Harm

91. Ya Allah ad-Darr: Oh God You are the Creator of Harm

92. Ya Allah an-Nafi: Oh God You are  the Creator of Good

93. Ya Allah An-Nur: Oh God You are the Light

94. Ya Allah al-Hadi: Oh God You are the Guide

95. Ya Allah al-Badi: Oh God You are the Originator

96. Ya Allah al-Baqi: Oh God You are the Everlasting

97. Ya Allah al-Warith: Oh God You are the Inheritor

98. Ya Allah ar-Rashid: Oh God You are the Teacher

99. Ya Allah as-Sabur: Oh God You are the Patient

“Allah has 99 names, and whoever knows them will go to paradise.”

-Hadith saying of the Prophet Muhammad

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.


The Wazifa al-Mashishiyya

Wazifa Ibn Mashish is a prayer that is an exercise of deep spiritual importance.  Revealed by the Prophet Muhammad, may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, it is the only piece of writing from the hand of Sidi ‘Abd as Salam Ibn al-Mashish.  The knowledge of the secret of the prophet, may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, is the key to the door of the knowledge of God.  My Shaykh, may Allah be please with him, has unveiled for us many of its hidden meanings.

I seek refuge with Allah from the evil one, the rejected.

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate,

O Allah, send blessings and peace in all the affairs of the revealed and the hidden,

upon the one from whom the secrets, which were hidden in his lofty essence, were cleft apart,

and the lights, which are hidden in the sky of his lofty qualities, dispelled the shadows of night as full moons,

and in him ascended the truths, from him to Him;

and the sciences of Adam descended though him and upon him,

rendering the entire creation unable to comprehend that which was entrusted to him of the secret,

and before him understanding is diminished; yet each one’s inability to understand suffices him.

This is the preserved secret that has not been grasped by any one of us in its existence.

And none who comes after him will reach his pre-existent witnessing.

Magnified is the Prophet whose glowing beauty blossoms the gardens of the dominion and the world of the kingdom.

And the reservoirs of the world of al-jabarut pour forth in profusion the lights of his dazzling secret. 

And there is nothing which is not dependent on him,

and which is not encompassed by his all-pervading secret,

because if he were not the mediator in every ascent and descent,

then, as it is said, the mediation would disappear.

Bless him, a blessing worthy of You, from You to him,

and that is an unceasing and constantly renewed creation pouring out abundantly upon him. 

And grant him peace in accordance with this blessing, as he is worthy of its abundance and favor,

and on his family, who are the suns of the heavens most high,

and on his companions and followers and those who came after.

O Allah!  Surely he is Your secret which unites all secrets,

and Your light encompassing all lights,

and Your guide who leads through You to You,

and the leader who rides Your worlds to You,

and Your great veil who stands before You,

so that no one reaches except through his noble presence,

and no straying person can be guided except by his shining lights.

O Allah!  Join me to his spiritual line,

and make his praised noble descent true through me.

Let me know him with a knowledge with which I can witness his existence,

and I become his mirror,

in the way that he likes and which pleases him,

through which I am freed from the sources of ignorance, through his deep knowledge.

And I drink directly from the watering places of the bounty, through his knowing.

And carry me on the swift noble mounts of Your subtlety,

and on carriers of Your deep love and Your tender mercy,

And lead me on his upright path,

the straight path to his presence, which is connected to Your holy presence

and which shines with the revelations of his human virtues,

a carrying surrounded by the soldiers of Your victory,

accompanied by the worlds of Your family.

And use me, to throw me (like a stone) upon falsehood in all its manifestations, in all its places,

so that I refute falsehood with the truth, in the face of the most true.

And plunge me into the sea of oneness which encompasses the totality of things both complex and simple.

And pull me out of the morass of metaphorical unity, of words and speech, into the unlimited freedom of uniqueness,

which is beyond either releasing or binding (freedom or limitation).

And drown me in the spring of the sea of the unity of witnessing

until I do not see, and I do not hear, and I do not long for, and I do not sense, and I do not feel, except through it, while descending and while ascending.

As it is, and like this, it never ceases to exist (as it truly is and continues without ceasing).

O Allah!  Make my absorption commended by him and praised by You.

O Allah!  Make the Great Veil the life of my spirit by unveiling and eye witnessing,

since the order is like this – a mercy and a kindness from You.

And O Allah! Make his spirit the secret of my reality through tasting and through state.

And may his reality unify all my worlds in the places of knowledge, both now and forever.

And make this true to me, according to what it is with You,

by the realization of the first truth (primal) and the last truth (ultimate), and the revealed and the hidden.

O First One!  Nothing comes before You.

O Last One!  Nothing comes after You.  (Meaning my perishing in You.)

O Revealed One!  Beyond You there is nothing.

O Hidden One!  Beneath You there is nothing (nothing excludes You.)

Hear my calling in my subsistence and in my annihilation, as You heard the calling of Your slave Zakariyya.

And make me contented with You, and You contented with me.

And help me, by You and for You, over the worlds of the jinn and humans and angels.

And strengthen me, though You and for You as You strengthen those who travel on the way and master it, and those who master it and return to travel it (al-baqa).

And join me to You.

And remove Your veil of cloud from my eye.

And place a barrier between me and everything other-than-You.

And let nothing come between me and You.

And make me one of the leaders of Your goodness and caring.

Allaaah!   Allaaah!  Allaaah!

Allah! From Whom the order begins.

Allah!  From Whom the order returns.

Allah!  The essential pre-requisite of existence, and nothings exists that is not God.

Surely the One Who ordained for you the Qur’an will bring you home again.

In every approaching and every going away, in every standing up and every sitting down, (In every nearness and farness, in my yearning and absence of yearning.)

O Lord! Give us from Your presence, mercy, and provide for us straightforwardness in our conduct.

And make us of those who are rightly guided by You,

So guided that no slightest glance falls upon anything that is not You, (by which our sight may not fail)

until we have no desire, except for You.

And guide us in the places of mounting up.  (Take us onto the ascending steps.)

Verily Allah and the angels send prayers upon the Prophet.

O you who believe!  Send your prayers upon him, and greet him with the peace of your deep surrender. 

O Allah!  Send Your prayers upon him from us, the most befitting prayers, and greet him with the most perfect peace,

for surely we cannot estimate his great degree,

nor do we know what befits him of respect and glorification.

The prayers of Allah, Exalted is the One, whose peace, and mercy and blessings be upon our master, Muhammad, Your slave and Your prophet and Your messenger, the unlettered prophet; and upon his family and his companions, peace,

to the number of the even and the odd, and the complete and blessed words of our Lord and Sustainer.


Prayers to be recited after the Wazifa al-Mashishiyya

(Repeat 3 times each.)

I seek refuge by the perfect words of Allah, from the evils in the creation.

I am fortified by the Almighty the Supreme of al-jabarut.  I am strengthened by the Lord of the al-malakut, and I am dependent of the Living One who does not die.  Avert any harm from us, for You have power over everything.

In the name of Allah, in whose name no harm can come to anything in heaven or on earth; and God is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

Sufficient unto us is Allah and an excellent guardian is the One;

and there is no power or strength except through Allah, the Most High, the Sublime.

O Lord, send Your blessings (prayers) upon our master, Muhammad, and upon his family and companions, peace.

So Allah will suffice thee against them, and God is the Hearer, the Knower.

Allah is the best protector and God is the Most Merciful of the merciful.

O our Lord! Give us mercy from Your Presence and prepare a right course for us in our affairs.

I confide my affairs unto God; Allah is the Beholder of the divine servant.

A Special Thank you to...

A special thank you to my Shaykh,

Shaykh Sidi Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i as-Shaduli

A special thank you to Amina Al-Jamal

for granting me express permission

to use the above translation of the Wazifa al-Mashishiyya

from the book Music of the Soul.

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