Healing with Hawa

“These tools are so invaluable for me when giving healings, and also in my daily life.  

I feel held, less reactive and more protected, while at the same time open hearted.”

~ Shams ~

-Spiritual Healer and Montessori Teacher

Healing Grief and Coming to Peace

**Trigger Warning**

Peace and blessings.  My name is Hawa Robin Cahn and I am a movement healing expert.  I use many tools to create movement in people’s lives from fitness, to meditation, to mindfulness, to prayer, to chanting, to writing and journaling.  I use these tools to create a movement of energy, a flow of Divine Love into the physical body in order to release pain, suffering and sadness.


Healing the spirit is the intention.


In my own personal growth exploration, I kept hitting a wall of sadness inside that I realized with time was grief.  Extreme grief is the word I would use, because it manifested as depression, suicidal thinking, freeze in the nervous system, disoriented thinking, and a preoccupation with death.  Thankfully my spiritual path encourages contemplation and meditation upon death.  So I meditated upon death, and learned something that made me laugh.


We remember death to inspire the spiritual traveler to live life to the fullest.


I was amused that my contemplation of death infused my heart with a new wave of life force energy named Hayy.  Hayy is one of the 99 Beautiful Names of God.  Lifting me up out of my sadness, propelling me onto my feet, I felt carried by God’s healing energy of Hayy into a role of service to God and humanity.


There are many paradoxes in spirituality.


I set out to meditate on death, and as a result I was reminded to live.


God provides proof within the paradoxes.

Faith requires us to believe in what we can’t see, but not blindly.  God provides proof within the paradoxes.  These seemingly conflictual circumstances that should cancel each other out, but don’t, they coexist.  We can have layers of emotions that exist at the same time that are opposite.  We can experience happiness, while carrying heartache.  We can cry from joy, and laugh from anxiety.  We can feel so heavy in our hearts from grief yet get up everyday and live for years without unpacking the metaphorical boxes of grief in our subconscious. 


The proof is in God’s life force energy that gives us the strength to get up everyday and continue.  The mercy is in the time that God gives us to rest.  The healing is in the conscious exploration of our emotions.  The spiritual teaching is to look at every emotion as a doorway to know God more deeply.

Calm and peace are the effects of meditation.

When we reflect we allow waves of emotions to surface, which is why meditation can be uncomfortable at first.  We learn how to observe our breathing, we learn how to observe the sensations of our body, and we learn how to observe the emotional waves.  Calm and peace are the effects of meditation, but the practice of meditation may take us through many emotional waves before we come to peace.  We have to learn as spiritual travelers how to be polite with those emotional waves, observe them, allow them to rise in order to clear, and once they pass then we feel at peace.

Hopefully our spiritual path offers relief from our pain and suffering.

This has been my experience.

Thankfully I have found relief from my heartache in the spiritual practices I described above.

But what if it doesn’t?

 For many people religion is covered over with feelings of shame, guilt, and obligation, as well as dynamics of abuse of power, deception, and corruption.  As a result of bad associations with religious experiences people turn away from all things related to religion, including God.  Sadly this prevents people from having a direct connection with God.  We blame God, “why has God let bad things happen in God’s name, and why has God let bad things happen to me?”  It’s a tough question to answer.  We are all tested here in this physical plane.  We all deal with challenges.  No one walks through this life without being tested.

Within the answers to spiritual tests are jewels and gems of wisdom for us to learn.

When the test sparks a sincere dialogue with God to understand the answers to the test, within the answers are spiritual jewels and gems of wisdom for us to learn.  The ah ha moment relieves the suffering of the test and gives us an experience of Divine Connection that elevates our souls.  This elevation can be blissful, even in the face of extreme suffering.

I live for these ah ha moments.

Hope is what faith is built on, but there needs to be stepping stones of repair if injury has occurred as a result of religion.  Grief would be an understandable emotion that is present when religious harm has occurred.  A deep sadness can occur when our hearts are away from God, which is different from being away from religion.



I consider myself to be an open minded, open hearted and liberal person, so if anything I say offends you or causes injury, I ask you for forgiveness.  I have found God in forests, I have found God on my Yoga mat, I have found God within the conflicts of spiritual community, I have found God on the dance floor of nightclubs, and I have found God in my broken heartedness.  I have found God on my prayer mat, within Masjids, Temples, and Churches.  There is nowhere that God is not.  And I will be as bold to say that God is calling you, because God is calling all of us to know a higher love, a purer love, a deeper love, a sincere and genuine love.  Divine Love is different from human love.  


I admit, I don’t understand why God loves me in all of my mistakes and brokenness.  But I do know that God does love me, even when I don’t feel the love, because of all that I have been given in terms of tools for healing myself and my community with love.  The Sufi Systems inspire faith, motivation, and spark a healthy curiosity of how spiritual practice can lift people up out of suffering, come to peace, and find freedom.

Spiritual practice can lift people up out of suffering, come to peace, and find freedom.

I want to make a distinction between having a direct relationship with God, spirituality, and religion.  I practice all 3 to be clear, but when I seek answers outside of myself, separate from my direct relationship with God, I am always disappointed.  Whenever I ask for help without asking God for help first, I feel frustrated.


If you have been injured by religion, spirituality, spiritual community, or your education system or family structure, first and foremost I want to say I am sorry, not because I am responsible, but because I am grieved.  Grief surfaces when we lose connection with those we love.  Grief is accompanied by sadness and anger.  


One of the reasons I started offering Grief Ceremonies was I was saddened and angered by the civil rights movement in the US.  My heart aches as a result our violent history of racism and discrimination.  To acknowledge the grief is to go through the layers of emotions, hurt, injustice, and seek the teaching.  Love thy neighbor is the teaching.


How do we love thy neighbor, we must start in our relationship with ourselves.  If we have hatred in our hearts, it will leak out in our relationships.  If we have unresolved grief in our hearts, we will struggle to connect.  If we have unresolved hurt in our hearts, we run the risk of hurting others when we get triggered.


Gently looking inwards with soft non-judgmental eyes, we learn how to cultivate love within.


When we fill our hearts purposefully with love daily, we will learn how to overflow with love.   


Please join me for group healing sessions on Zoom Thursday nights 7pm-8pm EST.

Grief Ceremony November 3, 2022


Should you prefer a private session for a chance to speak, be heard, and clarify your intentions, private sessions are available by appointment only.

Hawa Robin Cahn is a movement healing expert holding a Master’s Degree in Divinity from the University of Sufism. She is certified in Pilates, Yoga, and Craniosacral Therapy. Spiritual Counseling sessions open the heart, soul, and secret for you to receive Divine Messages within yourself. Healing is defined as becoming more aware of how God is moving you on currents of Light and Love.