Healing with Hawa

“These tools are so invaluable for me when giving healings, and also in my daily life.  

I feel held, less reactive and more protected, while at the same time open hearted.”

~ Shams ~

-Spiritual Healer and Montessori Teacher

How Energetics for Therapists

Can Benefit You and Your Clients?

The more calm and settled you are, the more calm and settled your clients will be.

I have learned that therapists will spend time, energy, and money to learn how to help their clients, but neglect themselves physically, emotionally, and energetically.

The healthier you are, the stronger force of healing you will be in the world.


How can Energetics for Therapists benefit your clients?


Is probably the question you want to ask me.  But how can Energetics for Therapists benefit you is really the question you should be asking.  Putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own is an old paradigm, and it’s time to rewrite the script.  Putting yourself last only makes you feel angry, resentful, exhausted, and burnt out.

Being burnt out serves no one.


Learn how to balance your output and input of energy.

Would you like to be more effective by scheduling time for yourself throughout the day?
Even 5 minutes to rest, repair, and recharge between sessions is beneficial.
15 minutes would be ideal:
5 minutes to write notes
5 minutes to go to the bathroom
5 minutes to breathe and clear your energetic field before the next client.


Energetics matter.


The nervous system is like a tuning fork. You have the power to shift the energetic field in your office by using long slow deep breathing, visualizations, and gentle movements. You will be surprised at how your clients perceive the shift in energy, and how much more relaxed you feel in session, in between sessions, and at the end of the day.  Releasing stress throughout the day tones the nervous system.  This is a skill we want to model for our clients.


Calm and peace are the effects of meditation.

When we reflect we allow waves of emotions to surface, which is why meditation can be uncomfortable at first.  We learn how to observe our breathing, we learn how to observe the sensations of our body, and we learn how to observe the emotional waves.  Calm and peace are the effects of meditation, but the practice of meditation may take us through many emotional waves before we come to peace.  As practitioners we hold the energetic field stable as these waves occur for our clients.  We have to learn how to deepen our energetic connections as we witness our clients go through these waves, so we don’t get blown over by the winds of change. Spiritual travelers learn how to be polite with emotional waves, observe them, allow them to rise in order to clear, and once they pass then we feel at peace.

Learn how to keep the energetic field stable for your clients so they can ride the waves of change, transformation, and release patterns from the past.

Opening to change is not easy.  It is unfamiliar.  But the deeper current behind all of the waves of memories, emotions, sensations, and fear of change is love.

Healing means opening to something new.

Each Energetics for Therapists class has a specific topic and theme such as Grounding, Spiritual Alignment, Emotional Release, and Illumination of the Soul.  When we witness the light of our clients’ souls this is deeply healing.  Our job is to remind people of who they are.  Inherently all people carry Divine Light.  To remind people of their goodness is a service and act of kindness.

Somatic Movements for Healing is the theme for the next class.

August 4th, 2022 we will be learning movements that can be done before and after sessions for the therapist to clear tension. Which I recommend because you will understand when and how to apply the movements for your clients more easily when you practice the movements yourself.


When you notice your client is overwhelmed, talking too fast, switching subjects too quickly or hasn’t stopped to take a breath. That would be the time to ask your patient, “Would you be willing to take a pause for a movement break to slow down the energy of the session, get settled and release some tension.”

Energetics for Therapists meditation techniques can also be an icebreaker for your client who sits there saying nothing.

Freeze in the nervous system can be melted energetically with slow, gentle, rocking movements, circles, and actions that either cross or connect the midline.  Somatic Movements for Healing are active ways to self regulate, tone and calm the nervous system. When we teach our clients we are practicing co-regulation, doing the exercises together. When your client learns the movements and applies it on their own in their life outside of therapy they have become successful at self regulation.

Spiritual practice can lift people up out of suffering, come to peace, and find freedom.

As therapists we are the tuning forks for our sessions. We are responsible for stabilizing the energetic field. We are there to guide people to release trauma, hurt feelings, and upset in order to uncover better mental organization, clearer thinking, better cycles of wakefulness and sleep, and understand true self care with peoples’ specific diagnoses in mind. We are the liberators, the cycle breakers, and the deep listeners.

We are the liberators, the cycle breakers, and the deep listeners.


We guide people to self regulation.

We give people tools to cope with everyday circumstances.

And we listen with a compassionate heart.


Please join me for Energetics for Therapists on Zoom Thursday December 8, 2022 7pm-8pm EDT.


Should you prefer a private session for a chance to speak, be heard, and clarify your intentions, private sessions are available by appointment only.

Hawa Robin Cahn is a movement healing expert holding a Master’s Degree in Divinity from the University of Sufism. She is certified in Pilates, Yoga, and Craniosacral Therapy. Spiritual Counseling sessions open the heart, soul, and secret for you to receive Divine Messages within yourself. Healing is defined as becoming more aware of how God is moving you on currents of Light and Love.