Healing with Hawa

“These tools are so invaluable for me when giving healings, and also in my daily life.  

I feel held, less reactive and more protected, while at the same time open hearted.”

~ Shams ~

-Spiritual Healer and Montessori Teacher

Welcome to Hawa's Healing Blog

I, Hawa Robin Cahn, welcome you to the Spiritual Healing with Hawa website where you can find live events on Zoom, blogs, and spiritual practices for peace.


Now is a time of spiritual advancement.  What was once held as secret is now being asked to be shared with the masses.  As we level up spiritually we are being asked to cultivate more kindness, more compassion, and more love towards ourselves and in our relationships.


Spirituality is the relationship of the self with God.  This Divine Dialogue is one of our most important conversations.  Asking God for permission explicitly is now more important than ever before committing to anything big or small.  Following guidance is the next step, and following through with the guidance.


But what if you don’t know what God is asking of you?  Ask, “Dear God, what do You want for me?”


Well wishes on your spiritual journey.  Please let me know how can I serve you?